Selfie please?

Once again I will make my secong blog post from Iran in english. Reasons? So my cousins can read it (hope you will), and also in case google will index it, some may find the information useful. Sorry for my mistakes and spelling.

We woke up in Tehran and took a taxi thru massive traffic to Azadi Tower. Took a picture and started looking for a bus (right next to it) to Ramsar on the Caspien Sea. At the station drivers simply yell out names of different towns, we asked for Ramsar and they took us to buy tickets (about 10$) and we hopped on the bus. It was super luxury, better then any bus I have ever been on. We even got some snacks and drinks for the way. 

As soon as we left Tehran, the bus got of the highway onto a small mountain road. The views were just stunning! Guy sitting behind us, John, formal wrestler that knew Czech rep. and has even been there 50 years ago, started to tell us a lot of things, make long story short, he had some alcohol. He invited Honza to sit with him and started drinking. Unfortunatelly he (John – Iranian wrestler age 70) got drunk pretty fast, and he got so drunk, they had to stop the bus and calm him down. Later on he light up a cigarette, causing the driver to pull over again and tell him not to smoke. Next stop was caused by Honza, because he needed to pee. Oh boy.

I started to read a great book from my friend Adam and had some pistacios, so the 6 hour ride went by pretty fast (and the views helped that a lot too). In Ramsar we found some motel near the sea. Headed out to dinner and then the guys went to local Spa. Me and Richard ended up in a nearby hooka (shisha) place named El Clasico! Everyone inside knew who Petr Cech and Pavel Nedved are (btw I still dont know who they are – promin Martine).

When the guys joined us, after their Spa, 3 lovals with a girl that spoke english joined us (first person in Ramsar to speak english). She first approched us by asking, if she can take a selfie with us, because she wants to have a picture with every tourist. When we sat down and intruduced our selfs a very first „clash of civilizations“ occured to me. To be honest I was the one to make a mistake when I offered my hand first. When she saw that, she turned to her husband for „approval“. They were extremly kind to all of us. Offered us to stay at their house, to drive us anywhere and so on. The kindness of Iranians is just beyond anything you can imagine. It was a great night and once again I have to say that Iran and Iranians are simply amazing!

Our plan for tomorrow is to go back south. Ideal destination is Shiraz (way out south). To save some time, we want to buy a plane ticket back to Tehran to save 5 hours of time. I read in a guide book that its cheap, but also very dangerous due to lack of spare parts for the planes. Love it…

If you want to see more pictures from our trip, head out to our instagram accounts, since twitter and facebook are blocked here. I will list them in order of importance.






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