Yo hablo Ingles

So! I got an email from my cousin Sheila today, telling me that she actually reads my blog! What a surprise! So I decided to make one post in english. It may not be as funny as it usually is but I will try. Also, Sheila, I will be really happy is you correct any mistakes I make.

I woke up in this dodgy house in Santiago and headed towards Volcan Barú.


The road was really crappy! Most of it was 25mph speed limit because its under construction (they are making it 2 lanes each way). Finally after like 4 hours I reached my destination. The gps was saying its still about an hour away, but the road looked fine. I can do 10 miles in like 20 minutes even if the road is crappy. Well… Nope. The road suddenly ended, and I was left with no other choice then to walk.

I parked the car and asked a local guy that was missing like 30 teeth how far is it to walk to the top. He said 6 hours. Shit, I cant do that, its already past noon. Well lets walk a bit. To my surprise there was actually someone „guarding“ the national park and he charged me 5 bucks to walk up. I’m actually skipping ahead here. The night before I spoke to my host Magdalena and asked about hiking up, she said I should NOT do it alone, since sometimes people get lost, and just a couple weeks ago 2 dutch girls were found dead. Well that sounded like a challenge to me! So there I am in my sneakers, no water (like one sip), and some „hroznovy cukr“ (no idea how to say that in english, sorry. The guy at the booth shows me a map and says that about an hour walk is a place called „Finca Oasis“. Well I understand Oasis! It may be a one hit wonder band, but damm it was worth it. After about 2 hours I arrived to a gate. Locked. Well, I clime around it, and found one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to. To ticho bylo ohlusijici. I sat around for like an hour, watching this most amazing tree. We talked for a bit, and I kept looking around at all the different kinds of trees and animals I have never seen before. Then I headed back down. Took a selfie at 2222 meters above sea level, and when I reached my car it started pouring rain. I went to a near by town called…. Hmmm … Que… Something. Well it was very touristy. I didn’t eat the whole day, so I was tempted to get in one of those very touristy restaurants, that always have these huge „free wifi“ signs. Fuck that. So i drove away. The rain was even harder every minute. Turned from „wow its raining a lot“ to „did someone order 8 swimming pools“? It was raining so hard I could not tell the road from sidewalk or the median. And of course Panamanians don’t bother turning their lights on. I did book some place down at the pacific. After about an hour drive I got here, just for the sunset. The place is deserted! Seriously! Its just me and some cheap bastard, that took his wife to panama to a resort in rainy season! The place was cheaper then a motel 6 by the i10 in middle of Texas (but same quality). Grabbed a dinner and asked if I could play the piano. No! Its too old! Had 4 horrible wines, and now I’m going to sleep. Reason I booked a hotel was that my back is killing me. The whole thing peeled of. I look like a fucking roasted potato. Oh well. Ok hope my english was well enough for you to understand. I will stick to czech for the next one, since its only you (sheila) and maybe clem and bob who will read this 🙂

Pusy vsem. Panama je skvela a moc krasna! Ale styska se mi po blizkych. Ti jsou nejdulezitejsi.

Ps.: sheila, any Idea whats that plant? Iam really curious. Thanks 🙂










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